All praise is due to Allah alone. Please feel free and more than welcome to duplicate our files and share them, use them in radio shows, TV shows, lectures etc. But we ask you give a reference to our site www.sabbir.com. Please visit our download section for all files. Though everything is free, if you would like the actual CD/DVD/collection with book cover, professionally pressed and cased, this will be available as well later. Jazaak Allahu khayran ~Sabbir.com

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The website has been update and remodeled. The recording project has resumed. Thank you all for the continued support.




After many trials and tribulations, from destitution to deaths of close family members, I will resume with completing the audios of Quran and in sha Allah, commencing with Ryad-us-Saliheen. I need some assistance. If you have great English reading, listening and comprehension proficiency, and would like to assist me, please contact me. May Allah reward you in continuing to produce these recordings.s